With the beer flowing freely in their man cave it wasn’t long before they came up with the idea to try their hands at brewing beer. After years of brewing experience, the three decided to make their brews available to the public and
Man Cave Brewing Company was born.


About Us

Three friends turned a renovated pole building in Syracuse, Indiana, into a guys retreat. A perfect hangout to relieve the daily stress with no work, no worries, and of course no women!

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Man Cave Brews


Man Cave Brewing Company uses a 10 bbl brew system to produce their ales. The flavors are sure to please any palate from light and crisp brews to the medium brews  with a hint of hops.

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Participating Pubs/Bars

Want to know where you can try our beer? Or are you a pub/bar that would like to carry our beer? Check out our list of Participating Pubs & Bars that have our beer on tap!

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Environmental Commitment

Man Cave Brewing Company is committed to environmental stewardship. Beer is a natural product. Wild yeast created the first brews thousands of years ago when it found a home in moist stored grains and naturally fermented to create what turned out to be a wonderful beverage in which no bacteria could survive (unlike water). Man Cave Brewing Company strives to preserve this all natural character by using only fresh ingredients and no added preservatives. Our beers are not pasteurized or filtered, preserving full flavors as well as all of that great vitamin B that comes from the yeast.

Our brewing process, similarly, is built with our commitment to the environment in mind. All cleaners and santitizers used are natual and biodegradable protecting the flavor of the product. Our cooling water from our heat exchangers is recycled through the process and used to sanitize and clean the equipment saving water and energy. All spent grains from the mashing process are recycled to local livestock farmers as feed.

Since we worry about all of this you need only relax and enjoy a Man Cave Brew!