Hoosier Hospitality Promise

Man Cave Brewing Co.

COVID-19 Response Plan and Hoosier Hospitality Promise

Rev: 12 June 2020

At Man Cave Brewing Co. our priority is the safety and health of our patrons and staff.  We are pleased to welcome you back to our establishment and want you to be confident we are doing all that we can to make your visit safe.  Listed below are some key actions and policies we have implemented.  As always, we will comply with requirements and guidelines set by the State of Indiana Back on Track initiative:

  • We have reconfigured our spaces to maximize separation between tables.
  • Our employees will practice social distancing with each other and with guests to the extent possible while still serving you.
  • We ask that you also do your best to maintain social distance from members of other tables or parties during your visit. We will kindly remind you if we see you have a lapse.
  • We will be screening our employees daily to be sure that they do not display any symptoms and stay home in the case they do.
  • If you have symptoms, feel ill or know you have been in potential contact with an infected individual we urge you to utilize takeout options.
  • We have printed disposable paper menus so the one you receive is yours to keep, or we will dispose of it when you are done.
  • All condiments will be provided by request in disposable containers.
  • Our staff will be wearing face coverings, per state requirements, and will be sanitizing their hands frequently and every time they contact guest items at tables.
  • Our bar seating is now open at 50% capacity, and both the bar room and family room are open at 75% capacity. This means 75 persons max in each room.
  • We will still be serving takeout for any guests that prefer. Orders may be placed by phone or in person.
  • We have added wait list software in case there is a wait for tables. Simply give us your cell number when you arrive, and number of guests and you will receive a text informing you when your table is ready.  If waiting onsite, please practice social distancing from others.
  • We will clean all tables and chair surfaces after each use with sanitizer.
  • Bathrooms and frequently touched surfaces such as door handles will be cleaned frequently with sanitizer during business hours.
  • We have multiple hand sanitizer stations available to our staff and customers.

We ask that you do your best to be respectful of the comfort of others and we will do our utmost to ensure you have a great visit and dinner!!

Man Cave Brewing Co.